Pingvinovo potpalublje

Pingvinovo potpalublje was an introspective post-punk band from Zagreb (Croatia) active in the early 1980s. Their elated melancholic sound, both timeless and of its time/place, easily brings back memories of autumnal Zagreb of old surfacing from the other unclear and faded pictures buried deeply in the lowest levels of the subconscious mind. In retrospect, these ordinary seamen (mali od palube) fused Zagreb with Manchester (or New York)  in a perfectly charming way of their own.

Pingvinovo potpalublje played mostly in Zagreb in the period 1980 – 84 alongside their independently minded comrades SexA and Trobecove krušne peći. This loose circle of friends formed a sort of triangle of bands with each of them in its own post-punk corner.

Pin Pot 1983 5 piece s


MARIN BOSANAC  guitar, vocal
RIKARD FRGAČIĆ  drums, percussion
DARKO PERICA  bass, vocal

DUBRAVKO MERLIĆ guitar (1980-81)

TIHOMIR BERITIĆ   organ (1982)

NIKOLA MIŠO DEVČIĆ  percussion (1983)

DARKO BOGADY sax (1983)
ZORAN FIOLIĆ  trumpet (1983)