Pictorial History



Pin Pot 1980 early soba s

Influenced by original new wave of US rock and thriving UK punk-rock / post-punk happenings on one hand & bolstered by first wave of local bands (Azra, Film, Pankrti) on another, the prototype of Pingvinovo potpalublje formed under the name Radio 4.

This was a four piece rock group comprised of high-school friends including Dubravko Merlić as the second guitarist. With the exception of Rikard Frgačić (early member of jazz-rock band Lotus/Obećanje proljeća) none of them had played in a band before.


The first public appearance (still as Radio 4) happened at Local Community Center (MZ) “Otokar Keršovani”.

Scan Pin pot Early 01 size strip

Throughout the rest of this year they played the usual live spots/rock clubs in town: Lapidarij, Jabuka, Studentski centar (SC) …



The band’s name was officially changed to Pingvinovo potpalublje at some point.

Initially, support came from the local student papers “Polet” and “Studenski list”, as well as positive critical reviews from Darko Glavan.

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Merlić left the band and Pingvinovo potpalublje continued on as a basic post-punk power-trio.

Lap 82 II 01 s crop

Towards the end of the year they participated in Yugoslavian Rock Moment: YURM 1981.


plakat koncert s 1982

Pingvinovo potpalublje began to appear in concert more frequently, whether with friends, or as an opening act for already established bands (Pankrti, Paraf, U škripcu) that were almost always supportive and sympathetic.

They even ventured out of town playing in Ljubljana.

Pin Pot photo farfisa 82 strip

That summer, organ (Farfisa) player Tihomir Beritić joined the group for a short and promising return to 4-piece format. Together they recorded the Demo 1982 (5 songs) in a D.I.Y. manner on borrowed equipment (mixing board). By the end of the year due to conflicts in scheduling, Beritić left the band.

Pin Pot 1982 drvarnica 1 s

Nevertheless, the year was successfully rounded out with YU Rock Alternativa Festival in RANS “Moša Pijade”.


The first studio recordings to come out of the small Šebetić studio (Zagreb) with guest members Nikola Mišo Devčić (percussion) and Zoran Fiolić (trumpet) yielded mixed results. The band ends up being unsatisfied with the sound.

Later, in spring, Pingvinovo potpalublje performed in Zagreb Biennale 1983 sharing the stage with some of the most promising ex-YU bands of the year 1983:

Program: 12. Music Biennale Zagreb
22.04.1983. (day #1)
RANS “Moša Pijade”: ROCK at 19.30 h

Trobecove krušne peći, Zagreb
Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi, Pula
Katarina II, Beograd
Pingvinovo potpalublje, Zagreb

*Strikoman film footage*

On the following day industrial bands on the rise: Laibach (Ljubljana), 23 Skidoo & Last Few Days (UK) performed.

A concert by the Slovenian avant-garde music band Laibach at the 1983 Biennale caused a huge scandal. As a part of their music act, they reproduced speeches by the late Yugoslav president Tito while simultaneously displaying a pornographic film. The show was eventually interrupted by the police, and the Biennale once again came on the verge of being abolished.

Their second attempt at recording this time with new band members on trumpet (Zoran Fiolić) and sax (Darko Bogady), in the professional studio in Belgrade in the autumn, hinted at future possibilities of collaboration with the PGP record label.
However, the planned VA album that should have included songs by Pingvinovo potpalublje, in the end did not come to fruition.


Due to the University and JNA obligations Pingvinovo potpalublje slowly folded out and ceased to exist.