La Fortunjeros

La Fortunjeros (1980 – 83)


Happy-go-lucky boys of high-school band La Fortunjeros (ex Klinska pomora) seem to have changed their take on punk-rock in search of identity few times. Or was that just process of sophistication that comes with maturing? It usually coincided with new and exciting UK trends leaving impressions on young gang & with relatively significant changes in line-up. Allegedly, their preferences generally leaned toward melodic side of new wave and punk rock at the beginning. The five piece La Fortunjeros line-up must have been captured on early demo tapes – still not available for curious (social networking) fans.


At some point of growing up in public boys threw away their leather jackets and re-appeared as a trimmed down three piece band dressed up in theater costumes. They were probably in awe of charming prince Adam Ant. Even in that very questionable phase, good dose of youthful energy and tongue in cheek humor saves La Fortunjeros from total ridicule. After “Ja b/w Zatvaram oči” (Jugoton 1982) pilot single and plenty of negotiations with the label, they recorded even more demo tracks (Lapidarij Demo ’83) and then faded out. Reportedly they were a respectable live band. There was more to La Fortunjeros than one lovely & silly single.


Ja b/w Zatvaram oči (Jugoton, 1982)

A1 Ja

B1 Zatvaram oči

Demo 1983


Tijelo mira

Techno Blackout

Dobar dio nas