Radio Über ∗ Mono-TonicGoljak Nightmare (1981-84)

The absence of electronic bands / projects in the time period in Zagreb is a little bit surprising. Mono-tonic represents group of D.I.Y. synth enthusiasts whose demo home attempts survived in a member’s archives. These young men were active participants of new wave happenings  in public at concerts and even more while generating minimal synth sounds at home. In their bedrooms they daydreamed of Sheffield and Düsseldorf. Eventually one of them would appear on stage as an electronic music performer / DJ (Monofonik) twenty years later.


Radio Über – Untitled I (1982)

pre Mono-Tonic – She Is Dead (1981)

pre Mono-Tonic – Monotony (1982)

Radio Über – Untitled II (1982)

Mono-Tonic – Zviju (1982-83)

Goljak Nightmare – So Tot (1983-84)