SexA (1980 – 86) (1989 – 9?)


SexA used to be that name, the one that signifies and directly pinpoints to Zagreb “underground” or arty non-conformist part of the “scene”. Almost unanimously lauded by rock critics and highly regarded by fellow rock groups, SexA was never destined to play for mainstream public. Incarnation of SexA that was sharing stages with Pingvinovo potpalublje and TKP on various occasions doesn’t resemble better known SexA mk II (aka noise-rock SexA from the late 1980s).

This original band was at its most productive phase with unsung early guitarist / vocalist & spiritus movens Darko Kordovan. Unfortunately all the demo /studio material recorded on different occasions between 1981-83 has been lost. “Live in Kulušić ’81” (available through admirable website: Guranje s litice) is the only document survived which reveals the (audio) glimpse of unhinged dadaist post-punk band rooted in Captain Beefheart (via Pere Ubu) with traces of other new wave influences (ska, jazz, funk) thrown in for a good measure. At the very end sketchy & vague Captain Beefheart persona morphed into modern day Pere Ubu.

After a year long standby (JNA obligations!), reshuffled SexA kept on and recorded yet another demo in the newly equipped digital studio in 1985. It came out almost stillborn – tracks were overproduced and didn’t capture lively SexA spark very well. As a goodbye gesture they recorded the same repertoire in concert in January 1986 (SexA u živo tape) which caught them at their most alienated and gloomiest, dark-wave indeed.

DISCOGRAPHY (samples):

Uživo u Kulušiću ’81 (live)


Ja radim

Grad i svjetla




Ja sam protiv za

Imitiram ples

Dok su ti drugi govorili


Demo 1982 [unavailable]

Studio demo recorded in ’82 intended for never realized Zagreb ’82 various artists album under the coordination by Dražen Vrdoljak. Dorian Gray and Korowa Bar should have been part of that (art-rock) project as well.

Demo 1983/84 [unavailable]

Couple of studio tracks recorded in Beograd.

Demo 1985 (SIM studio Zagreb)




”Uživo u Kopru ’86” (live) official tape


”No Sleep ‘Till Pussy / Fuck Piction” LP (FV Založba) 1990

”Pussy In The Sky With Diamonds / Ti dam ja” SP (Iz sve snage) 1991