Trobecove krušne peći

Trobecove krušne peći (1981-87) (2013 –  )

Trobecove krušne peći started out as a chaotic and confrontational but nonetheless smart NO-wave funk-noir band following the footsteps of Gang of Four, the Contortions, A Certain Ratio and The Pop Group. At the tail end of their career (the first phase) Tkp reached status of the first fully-formed proto noise-rock band in Croatia. But almost nobody cared.


Generally speaking punk rock generations didn’t turn away their faces from various taboos and ordinary tasteless themes anymore so it was not that uncommon to involve a serial killer or gruesome human-monster in a song story line. Well, fellow Americans Black Randy / The Metrosquad (LA) dedicated an EP to Idi Amin, Mentally Ill (Chicago) sang about John Wayne Gacy’s place, Killdozer (Madison) toyed with the name of Ed Gein like he was their favorite neighbor etc. … and Zagreb new hopes of ‘81 went straight after the name of Metod Trobec (Slovenian serial killer who burnt his unfortunate victims in bread ovens). They christened themselves Trobecove krušne peći (Trobec’s Bread Ovens) as they had a premeditated intention to grind their future public (including confused, pissed-off and probably frightened pop-rock journalists) to the pulp & bake them with the fire of their never to be compromised music.

Trobecove krušne peći – underdogs that bit hardest. Nomen est omen.


Complete recorded opus [ 1983 (live tracks) / 1984 (demo) / 1985 (album) / 1987 (live tape)] is collected in the recent definitive anthology “S mukom žvaču trubadurov vrat” (LP + 2 x CD). The very beginning of band has remained undocumented. Highly recommended!

DISCOGRAPHY (samples):

Zagreb Biennale ’83 (live)

Priča o svemiru


Nikad robom!

Demo 1984

Pod nadzorom

Pravi poklon za svakog

s/t (S mukom žvaču trubadurov vrat) LP ’85


Boje noć u krv


Teško je reći (Đuro)


Skrivač u magli

Uživo u Kopru ’87 (live)


Ether  (live)

(recorded 2015 / released 2017)

Sluga pokorni

Sajam sisa


Moj slučaj